About the Studio

The Complete Musician strives to form what it’s name suggests: a complete musician.  Far too often music lessons focus solely on technique, intonation, scales, talent, and exercises.  Leaving concepts like work ethic, critical thinking, pattern recognition, courteous criticism and positive thinking as an after thought.  Mastering an art form should include invaluable lessons, such as how to build grit and work ethic.

While I certainly do focus on things such as technical concerns and scales in our studio, it’s my goal that all students learn how to positively work through problems themselves.  Thus providing them with a toolbox to overcome their musical challenges and the chance to become their own teacher.  In my approach to teaching I make it apparent that the only one a student should be comparing with or competing against is themselves.

In addition I help my students how to prepare for auditions, both mentally and musically.  This is often a skill that gets overshadowed while striving for perfection in the practice room and a failure to see the big picture.  Live music will always come with flaws, and in an audition, doubly so.  I help my students reign in their focus, not to achieve perfection in an audition, but to accomplish their maximum potential effort.

_MG_5546In weekly one on one lessons I help identify a student’s problems without feelings of guilt or stress as I provide them with a path/plan forward through their individual challenges.  It is then the student’s responsibility to execute the plan for that week.

All I require of students is that they have a positive attitude, come ready to learn, and have a love for music!


Lessons start at $33 per half hour.  Contact the studio for more information!

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