Classical Cafe

We had a lot of fun playing for the students at Norfeldt Elementary School yesterday!  As part of their Classical Cafe series, we played a mixture of classical and holiday music.  The quietest and most polite audience I’ve seen in a long time!  Whomever says classical music is dead, has not seen the enamored faces of these kids seeing live music.


We Have a Home!

As many of you know we have been allowed to rent a space for the new studio.  This comes after a few months of searching and a lot of extra sound proofing!

Since there is a lot of snow out there and the traffic lights in West Hartford can elongate travel time, please allow extra time to get to your first lesson.

Just some quick facts about the building:

-There is some waiting room outside the studio, but only about three chairs.

-The building is mostly used for therapy so try to be quiet when coming in for your lesson.

-Our entrance is not the front entrance.  There are two side entrances, one with a stair case leading to a door and one on street level; ours is the street level one.


I’ll try to meet everyone in the parking lot or in the front to guide you in for the first lesson.

Studio Audition Success!

cropped-images-2.jpgCONGRATULATIONS! To the following students for recent audition successes:

Grace (West Hartford, Viola) for acceptance into the Middle School Northern Regional Festival!

Julia (West Hartford, Viola) for acceptance into the Middle School Northern Regional Festival!

Elijah (West Hartford, Violin) for winning a solo spot for a concert for The Music School at Sound Crossing in East Windsor!

For Acceptance into the 2015 Inter-El Orchestra in West Hartford:

Abby (West Hartford, Violin)

Connor (West Hartford, Violin)

Nona (West Hartford, Violin)

Kayli (West Hartford, Violin)

Ella (West Hartford, Violin)

Samantha (West Hartford, Violin)

Elijah (West Hartford, Violin)

Gracie (West Hartford, Violin)

Nitzan (West Hartford, Violin)

Ellie (West Hartford, Violin)