“I have been taking violin lessons from Mr. Ryan for the last year, and I love that he is patient and makes the lessons fun”
Mila, 6 years old (West Hartford, CT)

“In the nearly three years my daughter has taken lessons with Ryan she has gone from loving the idea of playing violin to an invested violin student.  Ryan has used a balance of humor and consistent constructive feedback to move Abby from walls of the studio to trying out for the school orchestra two years ahead of schedule, to performing alone at a recital, to trying out for an inter-elementary orchestra.  He breaks down skills into small manageable weekly tasks, and he works with parents to find out what motivates your child.  We have worked through challenges from teaching a young child to read music before she was taught that skill in school, to adjusting her lesson schedule to a time of day that provided better focus, and to simply keeping it fun.  Ryan is not only a wonderful violin teacher, but a positive person that my daughter adores learning from.”     –Kristin M. (West Hartford, CT)

“Ryan Deguzis has been a wonderful viola teacher for our daughter for the past two years. He is not only kind, caring, and very patient, but he truly inspires his students to enjoy learning and to love music. Ryan’s passion for teaching is evident:  it can be seen at the recitals where his students perform with great skill, excitement, and enthusiasm; it is evident as he gently encourages frequent practice, attention to details and dynamics, a fun and relaxed learning environment, and a genuine interest in each student and their success as a musician. We are grateful to have Ryan as our daughter’s instructor, and highly recommend him to those who want to have an inspiring and successful musical education.”  -Susan C. (West Hartford, CT)

“Ryan has been teaching our daughter viola for three years.  He is a beautiful violist and an amazing teacher, but even more importantly has been patient, kind and encouraging with our daughter.  I have recommended Ryan to many friends, and have received the same feedback : enthusiastic thanks!  I will continue to recommend Ryan to musicians of all ages.” 

-Janice P. (West Hartford, CT)

“Ryan Deguzis is a wonderful teacher and an excellent mentor. Without him, I would not have developed the skills I have in the violin. He has given me the tools I need in order to progress in my instrument. He taught me technique and musicality, but he showed me that music was not just a bunch of notes strung together to make a melody, but a story that has so much meaning. Music is about painting a picture and illustrating the message it is trying to convey. Every Time I practice at home I always strive to play the emotions and feelings Ryan had showed me during class.

But Ryan has not just helped me improve in my instrument, but has helped me gain confidence in myself. Before I joined his classes I never believed I had potential. He has no idea how much he has done for me, and there is no way I can thank him enough. Before I came to him, I used to hate practicing because every time I picked up my instrument I would find some fault within  myself. When I went to my first class with him, I wasn’t sure what he would think of my playing. But the minute my bow stroke my strings he saw that I could actually play the violin and saw within me what I did not. From that moment I knew he had an interest in me, and started to mold me to become the person I am. As I went on, I saw myself looking forward to picking up the instrument. I started to be more well- versed in my intonation and musicality. I started rekindling my love for the instrument I had started to hate. He supported me and showed me how determination and tenacity is the perfect recipe to be the best you can be.

I would like to personally congratulate Ryan on his amazing new violin studio and to wish him good luck. I thank him for all that he has done for me. Ryan Deguzis is the Complete Musician and inspires his students become the Perfect Musician.” – Rashmi R. (Farmington, CT)


“What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.”

Paulo Coelho, The Witch of Portobello 

“We sought out a viola instructor for our son during the summer between 4th and 5th grade as a way to keep up with his skills-never intending to continue private lessons once school resumed.  After six weeks with Ryan our son was hooked.  He enjoyed and appreciated the individualized attention, the encouragement, and the positive attitude Ryan brought to each lesson.  Our son has some challenges, but Ryan has never let those get in the way and pushes him to achieve, while understanding the support he needs to be successful.

Our son participated in the West Hartford Inter-El program and has continued to play the instrument at the middle school level.  As one of few boys to play the viola, Ryan has continued to inspire our son and encourage him by noting the instrument’s difficulties and perseverance it requires.”  -Deena S. (West Hartford, CT)

“My son loves Ryan, he’s patient,  encouraging.  knowledgable and AWESOME!!!”

Debbie C. (Glastonbury, CT)


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